Three Or Four Shades Of Blues In 51 Songs Of Love

She’s Just Miss Popular a Sophisticated Lady and  I am  a Solo Dancer with Slippers in Stormy Weather   Strollin through Scenes In The City. But this is My Search not the Reincarnation of a Lovebird. I am trying to look through Peggy’s Blue Sky Light to see the Passions of a Man. New Fables that Nobody Knows  Mysterious Blues, a Portrait of Us is Two.

I Cant’ Get Started  but I’ll Remember April (22nd) and if I was a Gunslinging Bird she would fear my Haitian Fight Song. What Love? What of love?,  I am listening to Mingus’ Blues  Right Now and it’s a Weird Nightmare of a Thing called Love.

I have Mingus Fingus  but I am  not playing Sue’s Changes and even if I have to Take The A Train to find Myself When I Am Real or say  a Prayer For Passive Resistance she will see Le Fleurs Africaines blossom this Summertime when the Blue Bird   Bird Calls to the Blue Cee. She was one of  his wifes, but Celia was not a Devil Woman and Diane didn’t sing the Devil Blues.   All I am asking for is a Conversation not the Chill of Death.

Oh Yeah,  I am looking right into The “I” of Hurricane SueWouldn’t You? I am not The Clown   Cryin’ blues,  Minor Intrusions cant   Eclipse    Freedom.

YOU  Better Get Hit In Yo’ Soul .

I X Love

Kevin Ellington Mingus

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